Neuherz Vienna-Bratislava

Vienna and Bratislava lie at the heart of Europe. The two capital cities are barely more than 60 kilometres apart by car. After Berlin, Vienna is the second-largest German-speaking metropolis and Bratislava is the modern gateway to Eastern Europe. Bound by the Danube River and a century-long shared history (which in 1945 was divided for more than four decades by the Iron Curtain), both cities embody a modern, peaceful and multifaceted Europe, despite their contrasting characters.


Over the last 30 years Vienna has grown into a German-speaking metropolis. Growth seems to be a dominant theme of the last decade. No other German-speaking city is currently growing faster than Vienna. This has a lot to do with its history: despite communism, its ties with the former crown lands (Austria was a colonial empire) have not disappeared. This manifests itself in a modern Vienna, which embraces many different cultures in everyday life, and extends far throughout the region.


Bratislava is a surprisingly modern city that stepped out of communist isolation to establish a cosmopolitan and attractive bearing at remarkable speed, and did so practically unnoticed. Bratislava was named the new capital city of still-young Slovakia in 1993. Nevertheless it looks back on a 250-year history as the capital city of Hungary (up to 1783). The sound of not only Slavic but also Hungarian languages can be heard on the city streets.  The Pressburg, which gave the city its German name, presides over the city and is visible from afar.


The location and proximity of both cities have contributed to a complex union between Vienna and Bratislava. It is wise to make the most of the proximity to Bratislava and Neuherz is doing just that with its unique locational advantage. As a company Neuherz is firmly anchored in the cultures of both Central and Eastern Europe, thanks to its employees and clients.

This close bond is no accident, as Neuherz was quick to realize that only an on-site presence would open doors to the east. It took the plunge more than 10 years ago, and many of its clients greatly appreciate this framework and utilize it for their own business ventures.


Marketing is a field of communication that only functions within the culture of the target group. It is awareness of these cultural differentiations and the ability to utilize this awareness that guarantees the success of market communication across borders. This is instilled in Neuherz employees, both in Vienna and Bratislava. They practice this understanding of culture and language in their everyday work. This is particularly beneficial to all Neuherz clients, large and small.


Vienna and Bratislava are always worth a visit - not only from a historic perspective but also because both cities, in their respective ways, have their fingers on the pulse. If you have plans in Eastern Europe, Austria or anywhere in Europe, or are even just playing with ideas at this stage, set aside a little time for Neuherz. You are always welcome to visit our offices in Vienna or Bratislava.